Deputyship applications

You may need to make decisions for a friend or relative who has lost their mental capacity to make decisions for themselves and where there is no lasting power of attorney (LPA) or enduring power of attorney (EPA) in place. We can assist you with a deputyship application.

How Furley Page can help with deputyship applications

When applying for deputyship there are two types of deputyship which the Court of Protection can grant:

  • Deputyship application for property and affairs
  • Deputyship application for personal welfare

The type of deputyship you are given will depend on your particular circumstances and that of the person who lacks capacity and the process of managing money, property and personal welfare in the role of deputy can be an extremely complex and stressful time.

Applying for deputyship can take several months to complete but most creditors, nursing homes and utility companies are sympathetic to the procedures involved and will wait for payment as long as they are kept fully informed.

Deputyships need reviewing regularly because situations change and you may need to change your powers to take decisions. In the role of deputy your responsibilities are ongoing and your actions will be routinely monitored by the Office of the Public Guardian.

We can help you with your deputyship application and role as deputy. Our services include:

  • Deputyship application to act as trustee in the sale of jointly owned property where one owner lacks mental capacity
  • Paying care home fees or for care
  • Making decisions about healthcare
  • Managing welfare benefits
  • Completing tax returns
  • Applying for a statutory will
  • Making gifts
  • Making decisions about accommodation
  • Submitting the annual report to the Office of the Public Guardian


Choose Furley Page for advice on deputyship applications

Our specialised team can advise you on the processes involved in applying for deputyship to the Court of Protection and how an appointed deputy makes sure they fulfil the duties associated with this role.

Where an individual who does not have a friend or relative who wishes to take on the role of deputy, it might be appropriate for a professional to be appointed.

Nicola August is a Panel Deputy and acts for many clients as a professional Deputy. Nicola is the only Panel Deputy appointed in East Kent and Medway.

Senior legal advisers in our team are Accredited Lifetime Lawyers, some of the most qualified lawyers in the country for supporting vulnerable and older people with the right legal advice.

All members of the team will act on your behalf and that of your loved one with sensitivity and professionalism.


How can we help you?

How can we help you?