Providing for children

Inheriting money at a young age can sometimes do more harm than good – would you really want the prospect of your children inheriting at the age of 18?

Many clients understandably prefer to appoint trustees to look after the inheritance until a child reaches 25, in the hope that they will have a greater degree of responsibility. Equally, some have good reasons to leave money in trust for a much longer period so that funds can be managed by trustees for a child’s benefit.

We can help you reach the right decisions and strike a practical balance.

Your Will and your children’s future

If you do not want your children to inherit at 18 you will need to say so in your Will. Do not take chances with your children’s future – take legal advice and put your mind at rest.

  • If you have young children you will need to think about guardians and how best to provide for them if something happens to you. We will help you address these difficult decisions and explain how trusts can be used to protect money whilst providing resources to you children throughout their education.
  • A well drawn Will can provide for all eventualities and should contain powers for trustees to work with guardians to ensure your children are well provided for.
  • We can also help if you have a disabled or vulnerable child who would find it difficult to manage an inheritance.

Why choose Furley Page for advice about Wills

We are experts in our field and deal with these types of questions on a daily basis. We understand the importance of a well planned Will to cover the worst case scenario and will help you come to the right decisions in a calm and sensitive way.

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