Joint ventures

If you are thinking of entering into a joint venture (JV), it’s important to be mindful of carrying out due diligence on your proposed partner. What do you really know about them? How much money are you each putting in? What are you expecting each party to do? Are you sharing secret information or licensing rights?

Think about your risk and liability and get advice on the structure and how it will work. If you don’t have a clear written contract setting out the parties’ obligations, you may run into trouble and end up in a dispute.

Complexity of joint ventures

The Furley Page Corporate and Commercial team is used to advising on complex structuring and will work with you to analyse what you expect from the joint venture and what happens when the joint venture is terminated.

We are experienced in analysing what parties want to achieve and:

  • drafting, reviewing and negotiating contractual joint ventures;
  • setting up special purpose vehicles;
  • drafting shareholder agreements (dealing particularly with the management of the business and exit routes);
  • transferring businesses or assets into a joint venture;
  • licensing rights such as the use of logos/trade marks or other intellectual property.

Why choose Furley Page to discuss joint ventures

Joint ventures are an incredibly complex legal area and all too often clients proceed without proper documents and get stung by a costly dispute later down the line.  Don’t be one of them - we can scope out what you need and agree a capped fee if it’s of assistance.

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