Corporate finance

Corporate finance covers a wide range of activities from straightforward lending to group refinancing or private equity investment.

We have experience in advising clients on all different types of facilities made available by banks as well as dealing with the bank’s requirements on registration and entry into those documents.


You may be looking to raise finance for all sorts of reasons, such as to acquire another business, buy plant and machinery, or perhaps improve funding arrangements.

It may perhaps be that you are fed up with your bank and want to change provider.

You could even be undergoing a reorganisation of your business and need the bank’s consent to move properties or assets around. Or perhaps you are considering private equity investment or loan arrangements.

Private equity finance can be complex and existing shareholders have to weigh up the price they’re prepared to pay for getting private equity on board.  Whatever your reasons, we can help you.

Corporate finance to suit your objectives

Our aim is to analyse carefully what your objectives are in order to be able to scope out the work required from a legal perspective.  We work with you, your accountant and your bank, as necessary, to make sure that your objectives are achieved.

Corporate finance covers a wide range of activities from straightforward lending to group refinancing or private equity investment.

We spend the time working out with you what your objectives are and what level of service you require from us.  Whether you need advice and explanation on a straightforward facility arrangement or you have a multi-layered lending structure with numerous facilities and security, we have the experience to work with you in a cost-effective and straightforward way.

Private equity investors are always looking for a return on their investment and usually want preferential rights when it comes to their shareholding and ability to have someone on the board.

We have the experience of drafting and negotiating subscription, shareholder agreements and articles of association including all relevant ancillary documents and corporate governance requirements.

Why choose Furley Page for advice on corporate finance

Banking documents, security arrangements and requirements of private equity investors are specialist areas in their own right.  We have the skills and experience to be able to advise clients on any of these aspects and enjoy working with fellow professionals to ensure our client’s objectives are met.

Furley Page is a member of the Kent Corporate Finance Alliance, an independent network of professionals, who work together to provide expert advice to management teams and shareholders of businesses across the region.

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How can we help you?

How can we help you?