NHS continuing healthcare

If you or your loved one has a severe health need you may be eligible for free NHS continuing healthcare.  The process for claiming free NHS continuing healthcare causes people a great deal of distress as the rules concerning the process are complex and confusing.

Our specialist Elderly and Vulnerable client team is able to advise and assist you through the difficult application process.

We can also advise and support you through an appeal process, if that becomes necessary.

NHS continuing healthcare assessment

NHS continuing healthcare is a package of care arranged and paid for by the NHS to meet your physical and mental health needs. This care package can be provided in your own home or in a care home.

NHS continuing healthcare assessment process

There is a national assessment process to be followed in order to determine if you are entitled to such care.The assessment will usually be carried out by your carers and a specialist NHS continuing healthcare nurse as well as with your own Care Manager from the Local Authority.

You, your family, your Attorneys or Deputies may also be present. You may want your Solicitor to attend the assessment meeting so that they can speak up on your behalf and ensure the assessment is carried out fairly.

NHS continuing healthcare criteria

There are 12 areas that are considered for NHS continuing healthcare and these are:

  1. Behaviour
  2. Cognition
  3. Psychological and emotional needs
  4. Communication
  5. Mobility
  6. Nutrition – food and drink
  7. Continence
  8. Skin including tissue viability
  9. Breathing
  10. Altered states of consciousness
  11. Drug Therapy and medication
  12. Other significant care needs

Each area is marked by the assessment team and if the level is severe enough you may benefit from NHS continuing healthcare.

If you are eligible you will be notified immediately and it is likely that there will be a further review in a few months time. It is possible that you will not always remain eligible for NHS continuing healthcare as your health needs may improve.

If you are not eligible on the first assessment you can ask for a future assessment if your needs change.

If you are found not to be eligible for NHS continuing healthcare and you disagree with the assessment decision, it is possible to lodge an appeal.

Choose Furley Page to advise you on NHS continuing healthcare process

Our specialist Elderly and Vulnerable Client team can help you and support you through the NHS continuing healthcare application process and future reassessments. We can also help you through the appeal process if you disagree with the final decision.

Our team of highly skilled lawyers has a wealth of experience in NHS continuing healthcare applications and we have secured successful outcomes for a number of clients.

How can we help you?

How can we help you?