Estate administration and foreign assets

The administration of an estate following a death can be more complicated when there are foreign assets involved. The process of administering an estate in France is different to the UK.


EU Succession Regulation means many estates will be administered in a different way, with English law being chosen to apply to French assets in many cases.

If you do not understand French and have to sign French documents, the process can be daunting and without expert guidance and you cannot guarantee that they are accurate.  Our specialists in administering French estates can guide you through the process.

Administering French estates – we will guide you through the process

If the deceased did not get advice on the structure of their will, as a surviving spouse, you may have to cope with the realisation that your children may possess inheritance rights, regardless of the terms of any will made.

This is because where French law applies to an estate, it protects close family members by granting them fixed inheritance entitlements which override the terms of a will.

Our aim is to take away the concerns you have about getting involved in a foreign legal and tax process. We will liaise with the French Notaire for you to sort out the distribution of assets located in France.

  • We will explain how French law applies.
  • We will ensure you understand the documents and deeds you will be required to sign as a beneficiary, explaining them to you in English and checking that the drafting is accurate.
  • We will organise the translation of any documents (such as a will and the death certificate) and we can help you sort out the transfer of monies from France.
  • We can do this work in conjunction with helping you administer the English estate, or we can work with your probate adviser as necessary.

Why choose Furley Page to administer a French estate

We understand that this will be a very difficult time for you. We offer a professional and efficient service which is delivered with care and compassion to give you the support you need.

Contact Sharon Wilson-Dutin or Deborah Vaysse to find out how we can help you.

How can we help you?

How can we help you?