Tax considerations on selling a French property

The sale process is just one element of selling a property in France – the tax position for a seller is just as important a consideration.

When you sell a French property, you have to consider your tax position both in France, country of location of the property and your country of residence.

You might have both a French and UK capital gains tax bill to settle.

If you plan ahead and talk to our experts before a sale you might be able to reduce your capital gains tax bill.

Tax considerations of a French property sale

There are a number of things to consider in relation to tax when selling a French property:

  • You must  ensure that your French capital gains tax liability has been calculated taking into account all expenses you are entitled to
  • You must declare the sale to HM Revenue & Customs by a UK self-assessment and pay the tax due.
  • In some circumstances, there are other French taxes that could affect you on a sale and we can help you determine what these other taxes are.

Why choose Furley Page for advice on French tax

We can help you navigate the whole realm of tax issues surrounding a French property sale, including:

  • Calculating your likely French and UK capital gains tax liabilities before you are bound into a sale, so you can work out the full costs of sale.
  • Liaising with the French Notaire to check your French capital gains tax declaration for you, and we can help you submit your UK tax return to HM Revenue & Customs.
  • Advising you on any steps you can take to reduce the capital gains tax liability prior to a sale.

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