If you are going through a divorce or family breakdown following the ending of a relationship, it will be necessary the parents to agree how the children will share their time between the two new households.

If this proves difficult or there are specific issues that arise such as schooling, changing a child’s name, medical treatment or even moving abroad, we can help you navigate these emotionally charged issues.

Whilst we always encourage parties to try and resolve differences about their children without needing to the need for Court intervention sadly, this is sometimes not possible. All our specialist solicitors are experienced in Court proceedings relating to children and will talk you through the entire process and ensure you are fully supported throughout.

In a very few cases, it may not be possible for the arrangements for children to be agreed. It may then be necessary to make an application to the Court to ask for a decision to be made regarding issues such as:

  • Parental responsibility
  • Which parent the children should live with
  • How much contact children should have with the parent that they do not live with
  • Whether the children should have contact with their grandparents or other members of the extended family
  • Whether children can be removed temporarily or permanently from the Jurisdiction and
  • Some other issue relating to the children, for example, which school they should attend

As well as practical issues relating to the children, financial issues will also often need to be resolved. We will advise you on child maintenance and other money related issues (housing/care allowance) inevitably arising on family breakdown, which effect both married and unmarried couples.

With the exception of certain specific items such as school fees, the Court no longer has any jurisdiction so far as child maintenance is concerned. In the absence of an agreement, it will be necessary for the parent with whom the children normally live, to apply to the Child Maintenance Service (formerly CSA) for a maintenance assessment to be carried out.

Where the financial claim relates to maintenance for a child in further education, the payment of educational expenses such as school fees or, a claim for a capital payment for the benefit of a child, it may be necessary for an application to be made to the Court if associated terms cannot be agreed between parents.

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Our legal experts can advise you on practical and financial issues relating to children following a family breakdown and divorce.

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How can we help you?