An essential component to a good divorce is securing the right legal adviser from the start. A huge amount of upset can often be avoided by choosing an experienced divorce solicitor who is a specialist in divorce and all related issues.

All members of the Family Law Team at Furley Page are specialist divorce lawyers and are well regarded in their field by clients and other professionals.

Contemplating divorce, or being divorced?

When contemplating divorce, or being on the receiving end of such a decision, our specialist family law solicitors will answer the many questions you will undoubtedly have. They will clearly explain what you can expect and how each step of the process will work.

Our divorce lawyers based in Kent and Medway will support you through any emotional and practical problems you may face. Where appropriate our family law team will assist you in securing services of other professionals who can help with non-legal issues, you or your family might also need to resolve at this difficult time.

We have access to a network of other professionals both through our extensive in-house legal sectors and also the plethora of local connections built up by our specialist divorce lawyers solicitors through years of working in Kent and Medway and across the South East.

The process of divorce

The divorce process is relatively straight forward. Divorce can be issued after the first anniversary of a marriage. There is no requirement to wait until you have been separated for two years as many believe.

The process involves an application being submitted to the Court with required details and documents. A Court fee is payable of £593.

The divorce process cannot be concluded any sooner than 26 weeks from when the Court issues the application.  This includes the compulsory reflection period and allows couples time to hopefully resolve other issues, such as child or financial arrangements.

No fault divorce reform comes into effect 6 April 2022

No fault divorce came into effect on 6 April 2022.  Read our latest articles on no fault divorce.

There are two stages to divorce:

  1. The first stage is the Conditional Order. This is where the Court certifies that you are entitled to divorce.
  2. The second stage is the Final Order. This is the legal document that dissolves a marriage. Only once a Final Order is made will you be divorced.

Financial consequences of divorce or separation

For many couples who go through the unsettling period of separation or divorce, their primary goal will be to achieve future financial certainty. Our specialist divorce solicitors will guide you through the process as to how that can be achieved and, will advise you on how your future financial situation may look.

The starting point is for there to be financial disclosure so a clear understanding can be gained about the assets, income and liabilities that are to be considered and advice can be provided on a fair financial settlement.

In the majority of cases, the parties agree a financial settlement without either of them having to issue an application to the Court with the assistance of solicitors. Even where a Court application has to be issued, most cases are resolved by subsequent agreement between the parties.

There are various options parties can use to provide their financial disclosure on divorce.

Process options for resolving financial aspects of marriage breakdown

It is imperative that you obtain advice about the various options at an early stage

Protection of assets

Divorce, as with any other significant event, is a time to reflect on wishes that have been made in a will or, to make a will to ensure your wishes are recorded. This is something our specialist solicitors will discuss with you. The ownership of property will also be discussed and whether action should be taken to protect property interests now, or in the event of death before a divorce is concluded.

Contact Furley Page lawyers for advice about divorce

With the right legal adviser on your side, divorce does not need to be unnecessarily distressing.

We will be here to listen to all of your concerns and will guide you through the process to make it as pain free as possible.

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