Accident claims – Slip and trip injury compensation

If you are injured following a trip, a slip, or a fall; you may be entitled to compensation. There is generally a time period of three years in which to make your claim for compensation, otherwise your right to claim could be lost forever.

We are legal experts in accident claims and we understand the different considerations in each case, no matter how long ago the accident happened, or where it happened.

Each case involves different legal and practical advice and our lawyers always give their initial consultation for free.

Legal experts in accident injury claims

It is a sign of our expertise that our lawyers take on the most difficult cases as well as the straightforward ones.

There are many types of slips, trips or falls that can cause injury below are a just a few:

  • Tripping on a pavement or road in a poor state of repair
  • Slipping on a wet shop floor
  • Slipping on produce which has not been cleared up
  • Falling over a step or equipment

We help you with all aspects of your accident claim.

Who you need to claim against for compensation?

It is often far from straightforward identifying the correct Defendant: the highway authority, a local council, a private landowner, perhaps a tenant, or a shop.

How long has the hazard been there?

How long has the hazard been there and what evidence can be found to prove it? Highway authorities usually say that they regularly inspect and that the defect wasn’t there on their recent inspection. We help you prove them wrong.

Is the defect bad enough to make a claim?

For example a pavement trip usually needs to be at least an inch high or deep. We show you how to measure and photograph a hazard to add strength to your evidence.

Contributory negligence

You may face allegations that you were wholly or partly to blame by not looking where you were going. Often there is no merit in these arguments and we can help you overcome them.

Free initial consultation for injury claims

Our legal team provide a free initial consultation.

Contact Neille Ryan or a member of our Personal Injury team to discuss your compensation claim for an injury following an accident.

How can we help you?

How can we help you?