Industrial disease claims

Industrial disease covers a wide range of work related illnesses and diseases that can develop over many years. Many industrial disease sufferers are not always aware their work is to blame for their illness, or that they may be eligible to claim for compensation.

Employers’ liability insurance was made compulsory so that innocent workplace victims could be sure of receiving compensation for their industrial disease or their industrial, work related illness.

Furley Page has extensive experience with industrial disease claims such as Vibration White Finger and Respiratory claims and we have been connected with Kent Miners for many decades.

Expert industrial disease and work related illness solicitors

Industrial diseases and work related illnesses can take many years to develop and to be diagnosed accurately.

Proving the cause of the industrial disease or work related illness and their link to employment and working conditions can be very difficult.

It is important that you choose an experienced legal expert in industrial disease and work related illness claims to work on your behalf.

Kent miners and our expertise

Furley Page represented the first successful chronic bronchitis (emphysema) claimant against British Coal. That claim was successful and ultimately led to the British Coal compensation scheme coming into operation in 1999. Since that first case we have acted for miners over many decades.

The compensation schemes for miners suffering from Vibration White Finger or Respiratory Disease closed several years ago, new claims cannot be lodged under either scheme. But if you worked in the mining industry, you may have contracted other conditions from your work – such as noise induced deafness, or an asbestos related illness – and it can still be possible to claim for these industrial diseases.

Or you may have been injured or contracted illness in your post-mining career and would like advice on whether or not you can make a claim for compensation.

Choose Furley Page for advice about industrial disease claims

Neille Ryan uses his experience and expertise from representing with miners and other workers, to advise clients on work related illness and industrial disease claims.

If you think you may be suffering from an industrial disease or work related illness, contact Neille Ryan, Head of Personal Injury for a free initial consultation to discuss your claim.

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