Accidents at work claims

When you make a claim for compensation for an accident at work, it should be met by your employer’s insurer – not your employer.

Employers’ liability insurance was made compulsory in 1969 so that innocent victims of accidents at work could be sure of receiving compensation for their injuries.

You generally have three years to make a claim for compensation after which your right to compensation may be lost forever.

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Your employer should be taking reasonable steps to prevent accidents at work from happening by carrying out regular Health and Safety and Risk Assessments.

Your employer should also be providing the right equipment for you to do your job, ensuring that equipment is safe and properly maintained. Your employer must also provide proper training, safety wear and protective equipment for staff, employees and workers.

Additionally, your employer must also make sure the workplace is safe and tidy, as well as devising, implementing and enforcing a safe system of work.

Employers have specific responsibilities regarding heavy lifting, working at height and the actions of other employees.

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We are legal experts in accidents at work compensation claims. We are proud of our long history of representing the injured victims of workplace accidents and our links, going back decades, of working with employees and trade unions.

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How can we help you?