Accidents in shops

Making a claim for an accident within a shop can be a difficult process because retailers only have to take reasonable steps to protect your safety.

But if you are injured, you may be entitled to compensation.

Our Personal Injury lawyers are experienced in dealing with their many counter arguments. We can help you gather the evidence to fight for your compensation if the shop’s insurers defend the claim.

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Accidents in a shop can happen in a number of ways such as slipping on a wet floor, or produce which has not been cleared up, or being hit by goods falling from a high shelf, or falling over equipment. In order to make a claim against the retailer the following points will be considered.

You need to know who to make your compensation claim against

You may think your claim is against the shop, but it is often far from straightforward identifying the correct Defendant.

  • How long has the hazard been there?
  • How long was the hazard there and what evidence can be found to prove it?

Stores usually say that they regularly inspect their facilities implying ‘the defect’ wasn’t there on their recent inspection. They will argue the hazard had not been present long enough for them to be liable, or that the shelves were properly and safely stacked.

We help you prove them wrong.

What warnings were present?

  • The store may allege that the hazard had been spotted and warning signs put out – did you see them?
  • Were their signs adequate in number and location?

Contributory negligence

Retailers often allege you were wholly or partly to blame by not looking where you were going, or not seeking help.

Often there is no merit in these arguments and we can help you overcome them.

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How can we help you?