Settlement agreements

If you have recently been involved in a dispute with your employer, or you are facing the prospect of redundancy, your employer may provide you with a settlement agreement and ask you to seek legal advice on the terms of that agreement.

In order for the agreement to be legally binding you are required to obtain independent legal advice on it to protect your interests.

The Employment Team has extensive experience of advising on such agreements.

Settlement agreements and claims

A settlement agreement is the new term for Compromise agreements. In most cases, your employer will be making a payment to you in return for an effective waiver of any claims that you have, or may have. There are various requirements that must be fulfilled in order for a settlement agreement to be valid, and we will ensure that your settlement agreement fulfils all of these requirements. We will advise you on the specific terms of the settlement agreement to ensure you understand exactly what you are signing and what legal rights you are foregoing by signing the agreement.

Why choose Furley Page for advice on settlement agreements

We will take the time to ensure you understand the effect of your settlement agreement and we will endeavour to improve the terms on offer to you where appropriate.

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