French Property, Tax and Estates

If you are looking to buy or sell a property in France you might be concerned about how the process works, how you will overcome any language barriers, and who will support you and act in your best interests. We can help you navigate the process of buying and selling  property in France.

Our French Property, Tax and Estates team can also provide you with expert legal advice on cross-border issues that can unfortunately arise through the loss of loved one.  You may be wondering:

  • How is an estate administered in France?
  • Will an English Will be recognised?
  • What inheritance tax has to be paid?
  • Do I have to go to France to sort everything out?

We can help you through the French legal process.

The French legal process

The French legal process is different to what you might be accustomed to in the UK. Furley Page’s French Property, Tax and Estates Team is made up fluent French speakers and French nationals who are specialists in French property law, succession and French taxes.

We can guide you through the buying and selling process, liaising with the Estate Agent and Notaire for you, explaining in detail the legal documents you will need to sign.

We can advise you on your French and UK tax obligations in respect of French property and we can help you review your Will to make sure that it reflects your wishes regarding the distribution of your estate on death.

If you are a beneficiary of a French estate we can work with a Notaire for you to finalise the estate administration, advising you on how succession law applies and what inheritance tax you might have to pay. We can break down language barriers for you, explaining the law in plain English.

Why choose Furley Page for French property, tax and estates advice

If we are advising you, you will benefit from a reliable, efficient and detailed service delivered by professional and friendly advisers. Our goal is to make the task you are undertaking as easy and stress free as possible.

Furley Page is a member of the Franco-British Lawyers Society, which is a charitable organisation, created in 1988, with the objectives to advance education and training in French and UK laws, particularly in the context of the EU, and to facilitate communication exchanges between French and British lawyers. The membership comprises judges, academics and practising lawyers in France and the UK.

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