Employment contracts and consultancy agreements

By law, you are obliged to provide employees whose employment is to continue in excess of one month, with a written statement of certain terms of their employment (referred to as a section 1 statement). This statement must not be issued any later than two months after their employment begins.

Depending upon the circumstances, failure to provide the statement can result in the Tribunal determining the terms that it believes the parties agreed, or to an award in the employee’s favour of two to four weeks’ pay.

By seeking clear and expert legal guidance you can help your organisation avoid unappealing outcomes.

Employment law contracts are important business tools

The relationship between the parties will be governed by the employment contracts or consultancy agreements in place, therefore it is important to be confident in these tools of your business.

A Section 1 statement does not include all terms and conditions which will enable you to manage your business proactively and provide flexibility for change.

We can assist in drafting contracts and agreements that best reflect your organisation’s needs.

We can draft contracts for new recruits and review existing contracts to check they are up to date and legally compliant.

We can advise you on how best to implement any necessary changes to contractual terms and conditions.

Choose Furley Page for advice on employment contracts and consultancy agreements

As employment law specialists we can provide valuable assistance in this area. We create contracts that will assist you to manage the working relationship.  The employment contracts will be commercially-oriented and compliant, as well as embracing best practice whilst reflecting your own corporate values.

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How can we help you?

How can we help you?