Kent Miners and Our History of Industrial Compensation Claims

Furley Page represented the very first successful chronic bronchitis/emphysema claimant against British Coal - Jackie Tanner of Aylesham, Kent. That claim was successful in the Court of Appeal in 1991. This was followed by 8 test cases, Judgment on which was given on 28.1.98 and led to the Compensation Scheme coming into operation in Summer 1999.

We have acted for thousands of miners over the past decades, forging strong links with mining unions and communities in the process. It is a testament to the quality of our work that so many of our mining clients have recommended us to their ex-colleagues.

Furley Page helped former miners receive compensation running to many millions of pounds under the Respiratory and Vibration White Finger Schemes.

Unfortunately both the Respiratory and Vibration White Finger Schemes closed some years ago, so it is now too late for any new claims to be lodged under either Scheme.

However, you may have contracted other conditions from your work in the mining industry or in other jobs - for example an asbestos related disease or noise induced deafness. It's possible that you may still be able to claim for these.

Alternatively, you may have been injured or contracted illness in your post-mining career, and would like advice on whether or not you can claim.

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